2012 Lake Pointe Lazers

2012 Lake Pointe Lazers

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Notes for the Medal Meet

Meet starts at 7:45 AM - please arrive at WACC around 6:45 (Yikes !!). Warm-ups will start around 7:15.  (Click here for Meet Program)

Please be patient as this meet is the medal meet and all swimmers from LP, WACC, and Lakeway will be in attendance.  Make sure to bring sunscreen, healthy snacks, and lots of Water. The kids have to stay hydrated ~ it's going to be a hot one.

For those of you new to swim team, this week your child has an opportunity to win medals (instead of ribbons) for breaking personal best times and placing in the individual and relay events. The medals and trophies will be handed out at our awards ceremony Saturday night starting at 6:30 @ Rudy's BBQ on 360. Please arrive early if you plan to enjoy some BBQ during the ceremony.

Early to bed - early to rise - swim like heck - and bring home a prize!

Please email me any questions.  Mike Moskovitz mmoskovitz@austin.rr.com