2012 Lake Pointe Lazers

2012 Lake Pointe Lazers

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Notes for the Next Meet

Next meet is Saturday, July 10.
Arrive no later than 6:45, 7:15 warmup, 8am start.
WAAC has graciously split their team into 2 teams, so 1/2 will go to Lakeway and 1/2 will stay at WAAC and swim against us. We should be done by 11:30, at the latest. If you are interested in swimming in a parent/coach relay, let me know and wear your swimsuit to the meet. We will do it in the middle of the meet in order to give the computers a chance to catch up:-)

As usual, bring a chair, water, hats & sunscreen.


Our last meet is Saturday, July 17. 8am start. This is our medal meet. Swimmers will only swim in the events that they are qualified to swim (legally).
All 3 teams will be at this meet.

Awards Ceremony will be held at Rudy's/360 at 6pm on Saturday, July 17.We will set up the festivities in the Back Forty (behind the restaurant)
Arrive around 5pm to purchase your food and get seated

Every year, we take up a collection from the parents to give to the coaches. If you are interested in giving, please see Melinda Patterson or Karen McMaster at practice/meets.

If you have not fulfilled your 3 meet minimum/family volunteer commitment, email kemcmaster@austin.rr.com.