2012 Lake Pointe Lazers

2012 Lake Pointe Lazers

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lake Travis Swim League Survey

Dear Lake Pointe Lazers parent/guardian,

A few days ago, we announced that a survey would be conducted by the University of Texas Sport Development Laboratory to help us to improve the quality of swimming experience that children and families obtain by participating on their swimming team over the summer. Your responses to the survey will help each team and the league to improve all that they do. By taking a few minutes to respond to the survey, you will be helping your family, your friends, your community, the team, and the league. The survey can be found at:


As an added incentive, each family that completes the survey is invited to a league family day at the West Austin Athletic Club.

Thank you for your help and best regards,
Mike Moskovitz, Lake Pointe Lazers Board Member