2012 Lake Pointe Lazers

2012 Lake Pointe Lazers

Monday, April 16, 2012

Welcome 2012 Swim Team

Hello Parents

Welcome to the 2012 Lake Pointe Lazers Swim Team. We are excited to get started on May 7th. We have a smaller team than in the past which translates into shorter swim meets and more one-on-one time for your swimmer and the coaches - wahoo!!

Couple of housekeeping items

1) We will be releasing the practice schedule sometime later this week. Our practice and meet schedule is posted in the calender section of our blog http://lakepointelazers.blogspot.com/

2) We will have a mandatory "new parents" meeting scheduled before the first practice. This meeting is for all new "families" and any one who wants a refresher course. We will review practices, meets, volunteering, expectations for you and your swimmer, awards, and most importantly Q&A.

3) Swimmers/parents should have a pool key to enter to facility. If you need a pool key or want extra keys please contact - Christy Gross, christy@southwestmanagement.net

Email is our main source of communication to the parents - if want an additional email address added to the group, please let me know

I have a limited amount of Lake Pointe Lazers Swim Caps - they look awesome. If you want one for your swimmer please let me know. We recommend all swimmers wear a cap during practice and at meets even the boys. They are only $10.00