2012 Lake Pointe Lazers

2012 Lake Pointe Lazers

Monday, May 28, 2012

June 2nd Swim Meet

Swim Meet will be held at the West Austin Athletic Club
Lake Pointe verses Lakeway, WAAC, and Alta Vista
**Parking is a premium, first come first serve. Overflow parking is along Patterson Road
Registration and Warm-up is 7:00am - there will be a brief meeting for the parents starting at 7:15am
Start Time is 8:00am

Swim Meet Tips for your swimmer
BE ON TIME!!!! - Check-In is at 7:00 AM
Eat a Healthy Breakfast
Each swimmer should bring - (2) towels, goggles, swim cap for the girls, t-shirt, healthy snacks, and WATER!!!! or Gatorade
Sunscreen should be applied before arriving to the meet
Your summer will stay with their age group during the whole meet and are encourage to stay until the end
Pack games, cards and coloring books to keep your swimmers occupied during their events

Tips for the Parents
BE ON TIME!!!! - Check-In is at 7:00 AM
Swimmers will warm-up prior to the start of the meet
Overflow parking is available along Patterson Road - Please be careful when opening car doors
Please help anyone who looks like they need help - watch out for each other
You may photograph and/or video tape your swimmer but you must stay clear of the stroke judges and the pool deck
EVERY swimmer is a Winner - provide a lot of encouragement - and cheer them on

Checking in your swimmer
Upon arriving at the meet - check in your swimmer at the Lazer check-in table located at facility entrance
Proceed with your swimmer to their Age group tent
Please introduce yourself and your swimmer to the Age group parent(s)
Make sure your swimmer gets "marked" on their arm with their swim events
Swimmers will proceed to the pool with their age group for warm-ups

Volunteers - Thank You
Check-in with your swimmer at the Lazer check-in table
Floaters may be assigned positions according to need
Please email nancy.lippa@gmail.com with any questions

Swimmers not checked in by 7:30 AM may be scratched from their events. Please keep in mind if your swimmer is a no show they could get scratched and it will effect the other swimmers in their relay event

Please encourage your swimmer NOT to share their snacks with their friends during the meets. We need to be cautious of food allergies.

Early to bed, early to rise, swim real fast and win a prize (ribbons)

Please email me any questions.
Mike Moskovitz